TBA Spotlight Episode 1- Slay Life Society



Two Bay Area women have set the tone for young black women in entrepreneurship. JaiStyles of “Slay Life Society” and Mauri Sanders of “The Boss Alliance” have brought to you a great example of having a vision, sticking to it, putting in the work, and executing your brand! Everyone isn’t meant for the “norm”, going off to college, getting a degree, and working for someone else for the rest of your life. These two ladies are pushing for finding what you love, fulfilling your passion, having fun, ownership and becoming your own BOSS!
In this short clip, JaiStyles answers questions such as what the truth is behind being a hardworking business owner, what it means to be a boss, and what encouraged her to step out and do hair professionally. When you visit www.slaylifesociety.com you’ll be drawn in by her mission statement and business summary which exemplifies just what a professional business owner should manifest. That being a list full of services, a fun, inviting and personalized environment, as well as 100% satisfaction from your clients. JaiStyles’ advice as a boss woman is to stay focused, speak things into existence as well as execute, and to build a solid team around you. A quote we should all remember is “if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail”. – JaiStyles Slay Life Society
The Boss Alliance is a lifestyle streetwear brand promoting a motivational purpose. This brand is one that any and every one can relate to no matter the race, religion, or socioeconomic status. Mauri Sanders is offering a high quality & comfortability of lux streetwear in urban culture as well as business opportunities for those striving to become their own boss and chasing their dreams in this industry. To keep up with all news and fashion check out www.thebossalliance.com and TBA TV on their YouTube Channel, search the Boss Alliance, also follow their Instagram @bossalliance. To be featured on The Boss Alliance Spotlight you can contact Mauri through the “Contact Us” section on the website.
These Boss Women are on their way to the top and they’re connecting bosses to meet them there. 
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